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About Us
With 15 years of educational experience, we are the preferred educational center for primary and secondary school students. Not only we provide professional tutoring in all subjects, but also offer one-stop caretaking services for children after school, including life care, homework guidance, and habit formation.

Our Philosophy

Our educational philosophy is centered around cultivating children who are more than just academic achievers. We aim to develop well-rounded individuals who possess positive character traits, emotional intelligence, self-care, empathy, and the ability to collaborate effectively with others. These qualities are essential for the future success and happiness of our children.


Helping learners regain confidence and succeed in their life.


Empowering learners to own their learning and discover that learning can be that simple.

Our Values

Create an atmosphere of inquiry, encourage making connections, and enhance the child's innovative ability. Train children to think about a problem from various perspectives.
Sense of Responsibility
The first step in cultivating the qualities of an "excellent student" is to nurture children's sense of responsibility, including taking responsibility for their own academic studies, daily routine, and behavior.
In learning or in any aspect of life, we strictly require our children to follow through and complete any task according to the planned schedule, and never allow them to give up halfway.
By participating in activities, children learn how to cooperate with others, how to jointly make plans, how to solve problems together, and it helps to cultivate children's leadership abilities.

Seize every opportunity to teach children about gratitude, such as organizing gratitude activities during special holidays.

Ideal Education
Tuition & Primary Daycare

With over 15 years of experience in the education sector, our respected institution is dedicated to offering tutoring and childcare services for students aged 7 to 17. We emphasize “fun” and “applied” learning, with the goal of helping students find meaning and purpose in their studies, cultivate independent study skills, and find joy in the learning process.