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Professional Daycare


In Ideal Primary Daycare, we teach children the importance of learning, cultivating good habits, and providing a good place for positive influence and group living. Our ultimate goal is to give learning back to the children, cultivate children’s independence and confidence to face future challenges.


Our childcare services include daily healthful lunch, homework guidance, habit formation, emotional management and psychological counseling, transportation, as well as special holiday activities.

Lunch Box
Asian child studying at home

Our Strengths

Homework Guidance

Offering academic tutoring for a range of subjects and providing support with homework review, preparation, dictation, and testing.

Holiday Programme

Different themed holiday camps allow children to grow, broaden their horizons, and gain knowledge through participation.

Professional Teachers

Qualified and professional teachers supervise and guide students' learning activities.

Conducive Environment

Neat, comfortable, and spacious classroom space design, coupled with classroom layout, to enhance children's learning motivation.

Nurture Good Habits

Guiding children through modularized instruction to cultivate good habits of independent learning and living.

Parent’s Engagement

Regular parent-teacher meetings to allow parents to better understand their children's growth and emotional changes.

Holiday Programme

Holiday camps with different themes, provide children with the power of positive, good, and beautiful experiences through educational visits and experiential learning, enriching and enjoyable holiday for children.

Ideal Education
Tuition & Primary Daycare

With over 15 years of experience in the education sector, our respected institution is dedicated to offering tutoring and childcare services for students aged 7 to 17. We emphasize “fun” and “applied” learning, with the goal of helping students find meaning and purpose in their studies, cultivate independent study skills, and find joy in the learning process.