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Ideal Education Centre
Primary . Secondary Tuition & Daycare
Ideal Education Centre
Empowering children with the ability to self-directed learning, allowing them to realize that learning can actually be simple.
Established in 2008

With 15 years of educational experience, we are the preferred educational center for primary and secondary school students. Not only we provide tutoring in all subjects, but also offer one-stop caretaking services for children after school, including life care, homework guidance, and habit formation.


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All-Subject Tuition for Primary & Secondary

Closely following the teaching syllabus, integrating the latest KSSR and SPM formats, and combining the original iMemory learning method to enable students to “learn one unit on a piece of paper”.

After-school Daycare for Primary

Teaching children about the significance of academics, fostering positive habits, and creating an environment where they can receive constructive ideological influences and thrive in a supportive communal setting.

Students Testimonials

Hear what our students say

My name is Kexin. I obtained 8 A’s in this year’s SPM exam. I have been with Ideal for over four years. Prior to joining Ideal, I struggled in Bahasa Malaysia and Sejarah, but after more than four years of coaching, I excelled in Sejarah and Bahasa Malaysia in the SPM exam.

Hello everyone, I’m Chen Jia Heng! I am a candidate for the 2020 SPM and achieved 9 A’s. I have been studying at Ideal Education Center for nearly 8/9 years. In my second year, my performance was not very satisfactory, especially in Malay and English, which were relatively weaker subjects.

Hello everyone! I am Lim Li Wei, a 2020 batch SPM graduate. I attained 8 A’s in SPM and have been receiving tuition at Ideal Tuition Center since fifth grade.

~Lim Li Wei

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Ideal Education
Tuition & Primary Daycare

With over 15 years of experience in the education sector, our respected institution is dedicated to offering tutoring and childcare services for students aged 7 to 17. We emphasize “fun” and “applied” learning, with the goal of helping students find meaning and purpose in their studies, cultivate independent study skills, and find joy in the learning process.